Hazardous Building Materials


Lower risk and liability in cases where long-term human health is a factor.

Hazardous building materials surveys are completed in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations to evaluate structures for the presence of asbestos, lead-based paint and universal waste. Many structures are slated for future demolition or renovation, while other assets will remain in their current state and require surveys for the purposes of ongoing operations and maintenance. For projects where building materials will be disturbed, survey results are utilized for the preparation of abatement specifications, bidding documents, and client and contractor notifications to applicable agencies. During abatement activities, monitoring is completed as deemed warranted to ensure that such work is being completed in accordance with applicable laws/regulations and any specification/bidding documents. Visual observations, air sampling and/or wipe sampling clearances are completed in order to confirm the completion of abatement activities.

asbestos fibres close up detail

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